Chuntao Liu  

Assistant professor
Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences
HRI 104, (o) 361-825-3845 (f) 361-825-2025
chuntao.liu at
M.S. and Ph.D students wanted

I teach meteorology, remote sensing, and measurements courses, with an emphasis on severe weather. My research interests include improving our understanding of convection, lightning, clouds and precipitation using observations from satellite, aircraft, and ground-based remote sensing and in-situ instruments. I am also interested in the atmospheric trace gases vertical transport by deep convection. My research projects have ranged from remote sensing of precipitation using airborne and spaceborne radar and microwave radiometers, relationship between the strength of convective cloud and lightning, troposphere and stratosphere trace gases exchange, study of tropical cyclones and extreme storms around the globe. I am actively engaged in service to professional societies, including editing the Journal of Geophysical research. I have also served on a number of departmental and campus committees.