Dr. Chad Turner

Assistant Professor of Economics

Department of Finance, Economics & Decision Sciences

Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, TX 78412

202A Driftwood Hall

361-825-2756 (phone)

361-825-5609 (fax)



As of 7/2013, Ill no longer be with TAMU-CC. If youd like to contact me, please send e-mail to cturner.tamucc@gmail.com.




Recently Published Papers:


Income and Education of the States of the United States: 1840 - 2000

Journal of Economic Growth 12 (2), 2007 (with Robert Tamura, Sean Mulholland, and Scott Baier)


Data used in JEG paper


The Progress of the Betting in a Baseball Game: A Comment

Public Choice, forthcoming (with Gokhan Karahan)


Pay, Productivity and Aging in Major League Baseball

Journal of Productivity Analysis, forthcoming (with Jahn Hakes)


Working Papers:


How Important are Human Capital, Physical Capital And Total Factor Productivity for Determining State Economic Growth in the United States, 1840 - 2000

(with Robert Tamura and Sean Mulholland)


Productivity Differences: the Importance of Intra-State Black White Schooling Differences Across the United States, 1840 - 2000

(with Robert Tamura and Sean Mulholland)


Long-Term contracts in Major League Baseball

(with Jahn Hakes)


The Collective Bargaining Effects of NBA Player Productivity Dynamics

(with Jahn Hakes)


Entry Barriers for Women in State Legislatures

(with Morris Coats, Thomas Dalton, and Gokhan Karahan)


Old Compilations of Lectures Notes: (Current students should utilize Blackboard)



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