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Infrared Photometry for 2D Proximity Sensing and 3D Geometry Visualization

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In this research, we propose a novel 3D vision sensor called Infrared Proximity Array (IPA), which is capable of detecting position and orientation of components or devices for automation and robotics applications. An IPA is fabricated with some 300,000 sensor arrays utilizing infrared sensor technology to accurately measure distance and, thus, create 3D geometry of sensed objects. A charge coupled device based sensor array has a potential to be further miniaturized for micro-systems with embedded processing for intelligent sensors. Since it is a mono-vision based 3D imaging device rather than binocular, it is especially useful for cases when calibration is a big issue.

Our focus of study in this paper is to demonstrate the massive sensor array modeling technique and investigate the feasibility of the IPA as a precision 2D proximity sensor and an affordable 3D visualization sensor for robotics and microfabrication technology.

 IEEE Sensor Journal, IEEE CIS&RAM

Dugan Um, Dongsuk Ryu, MyungJoon Kal, “Multiple Intensity Differentiation for 3D Surface Reconstruction with Mono-Vision Infrared Proximity Array Sensor,” IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 11, no. 12, pp 3352-3358, Jun, 2011.


Young Sam Ryu, Do Hyong Kohu, Dongseok Ryu, Dugan Um, “Usability Evaluation of Touchless Mouse Based on Infrared Proximity Sensing,” Journal of Usability study,  Vol. 7, Issue 1, November 2011, pp. 31-39 , 2011.

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