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Simultaneous Planning and Mapping (SPAM) for a Manipulator motion planning

Research title

Beijing, China, 2006, Aachen, Germany

In this reserach, we propose a SPAM (Simultaneous Planning and Mapping) technique for a manipulator type robot working in an uncertain environment via a Best Next Move algorithm. Demands for a smart decision to move a manipulator such as humanoid arms in uncertain or crowded environments call for a simultaneous planning and mapping technique. We assume no a priori knowledge of either the obstacles or the rest of the environment exits. For rapid map building and path planning, we use a 3D depth camera based skin type sensors that completely encompass the entire body of a manipulator. Captured cloud points by 3D sensors create an instantaneous c-space map whereby a Best Next Move algorithm directs the motion of the manipulator. The Best Next Move algorithm utilizes the gradient of the density distribution of the k-nearest-neighborhood sets in c-space. It has tendency to travel along the direction by which the point clouds spread in space, thus rendering faster mapping of c-space obstacles.

Proposed algorithm is compared with several sensor based algorithms for performance measure such as map completion rate, distribution of samples, total nodes, etc. Improved performances are reported for the proposed algorithm. Possible applications include semi-autonomous tele-robotics planning, humanoid arm path planning, etc.

IROS 2006, IEEE Industrial Electronics 2004

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Dugan Um, Dongseok Ryu, “A Framework for Unknown Environment Manipulator Motion Planning via Model Based Realtime Rehearsal,” Journal of automation, Mobile Robotics & Intelligent Systems, vol. 5, no. 1, 2011.


D. Um, “Sensor Based Randomized Lattice Diffusion Planner for Unknown Environment Manipulation”, IROS (IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems), Beijing, China, 2006