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Courses (Dr. Dugan Um)

Automation in a manufacturing and assembly setting, material handling systems, remote guided vehicles, automated storage and retrieval systems, computer numerical machine tools, robotics. Prerequisite: ENTC 3415. Spring.

Stress analysis of deformable bodies and mechanical elements; stress transformation; combined loading; failure modes; material failure theories; fracture and fatigue; deflections and instabilities; thick cylinders; curved beams; design of structural/mechanical members; design processes. Prerequisites: ENGR 2320

Concepts in strength of materials, stress, strain; deformation under load, direct, shear, and combined stresses; stress concentrations, bending stresses and torsional shear stresses, deflection in beams and shafts; columns, and pressure vessels. Prerequisite: ENGR 2321.

Introduction to metal and non-metallic manufacturing processes; casting, forging, rolling, extrusion, sheet metal forming, cutting tools turning and milling operations, abrasive machining, welding and joining, powder compaction, molding, forming of plastics, surface treatment, human factors and safety. Prerequisite: MATH 2312. Spring.

Use of computer aided design and solid modeling tools in engineering design, and analysis, and manufacturing including: solid modeling, stress, flow, and heat transfer analysis using finite element methods. Prerequisite: MEEN 3310, ENGR 2320, ENGR 3315

ENTC 3323: Robotics and Automation

ENTC 2402: Manufacturing Process

ENGR 2320: Strength of Material

MEEN 3330: Solid Mechanics for Mechanical Engineering

MEEN 3340: Solid Modeling and Application

Theory of engineering mechanics involving the motion of particles, rigid bodies and systems of particles; Newton’s Laws; work and energy relationships; principles of impulse and momentum; application of kinetics and kinematics to the solution of engineering problems. Prerequisite: ENGR 2325


ENGR 2326: Dynamics