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Interactive Mathematics Games

Grades 6-8

New TEKS Categories
Factor and Multiples Jeopardy Game

Math Process Standards

Good for SMART Board

Factors, Multiples, GCF, LCM
Magic Square Dominoes Math Process Standards Problem Solving
Math Mah Jong Math Process Standards Equation practice
The Wolf, the goat, the cabbage Math Process Standards

Problem solving

Explore River Crossing

Count the Cubes Math Process Standards Spacial Awareness
Brainie Number and Operations Integers
Who wants to be a Mathonaire?

Number and Operations

Good for SMART Board

Mental Math
Make X Number and Operations Order of operations
Adding Integers Game Number and Operation Estimating adding integers
Weapons of Maths Destructions Number and Operations Solving equations
Dirt Bike Proportions Proportionality Solving ratios
Escape from Fraction Manor Proportionality Comparing fractions including mixed and improper
Algebraic Reasoning Expressions, equations, and relationships One and two variables
Basketball Geometry Expressions, equations, and relationships Circumference
Fruit Shoot Expressions, equations,and relationships Prime and composite
Golf of Mexico Expressions, equations, and relationships Finding area and comparing values
Number Balls Expressions, equations, and relationships Solve one-step equations
Secret Number II Expressions, equations, and relationships Problem Solving
The X Detectives Expressions, equations, and relations Functions and Algebra puzzles
Mean, Median, Mode Game Measurement and data Measures of central tendancy
Party Designer Measurement and data Area and Perimeter
Star Gazing Measurement and data Angle measurement
Math at the Mall Personal Financial Literacy Problem Solving
Lemonade Stand Personal Financial Literacy Money, measurement, estimation
Cell Organelles Science Science matching game
Energyville Science Matter and energy
Fraction Towers Harriet Diaz Comparing Unit Fractions
    Comparing Decimal Values
    Comparing Percent Values
    Halving and Doubling Frac
    Equal Fractions/Different Val

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