• One research article was published on Optics Express with the title of "Experimental verification of epsilon-near-zero plasmon polariton modes in degenerately doped semiconductor nanolayers".

  • Dr. Kim is invited to serve as a Lead Guest Editor in a Special Issue in the "Journal of Nanomatertials" (impact factor:1.65).

  • 17th International symposium on flow visualization will be held in Getlinburg, TN, June 19-22 where Dr. Kim will serve as a co-organizer.

  • Dr. Kim delivered an invited talk at "MTS Subsea Leak Detection Symposium" with the title of "Label-free and full-field sensing using surface plasmon resonance" at Houston Nov. 2015.

  • Dr. Kim was recently awarded a research grant ($ 460,000) as a PI for 3 years regarding the developemt of three-diemnsional surface plasmon resonance (SPR) imaigng technique.

  • Dr. Kim delivered an invited talk with the title of "Label-free and in-situ visualization using surface plasmon resonance imaging" at 3-D printing and digital rock physics sponsored by Sandia National Lab, which took place at Santa Fe, New Mexico, Aug. 2015.

  • Dr. Kim published a research article in the journal of "Materials (Impact factor: 2.6)" published by MDPI. The paper title is Nano sensing and energy conversion using surface plasmon resonance.

  • Dr Kim presented an oral presentation at ASME-JSME-KSME (AJK) Joint Fluids Engineering 2015 conference (July 26-31) with the title of "In-situ visualization of evaporation induced self-assembly phenomena of nanofluids" (

  • Dr. Kim presented an invited talk at 13th International Nanotech Symposium & Nano-Convergence Expo, NANO KOREA 2015, July 1-3, 2015 in recognition of his research achievemnt in the filed of nanoscicence and technology. (

  • One postdoctoral research position is open now. Please contact Dr. Kim (

  • One available graduate research assistance (GRA) position at Nano Sensing and Energy lab led by Dr. Kim, an assistant professor in mechanical engineering at TAMU-CC.

            Nano sensing & energy lab have cutting-edge and various projects working on nano-bio-chemical sensing,

            micro/nanoscale fluidics and heat transfer, and energy conversion such as solar energy harvesting based 

            on nano-biophotonics, cleanroom, and classical engineering technique. On-going projects are

           1) thermal energy detection from nanoparticles using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technique in

               photothermal therapy of cancer and tumor in biomedical application,

           2) developing lab-on-chip sensor for chemical sensing (CH4, CO2)in unmanned air vehicle (UAV),

           3) in-situ detection of nanoparticle aggregation,

           4) optical property variation of thermochromics molecules with temperature,

           5) development of in-situ visualization of solid-electrolyte interface (SEI) in Li-battery,

           6) real-time detection of oil droplet size, and concentration in oil spill, and others.


            Selected student will start work with 50 % GRA. Required skills are optics, physics,

            chemistry, nanoscience/technology,  mechanical or chemical engineering background. Talented

            student can conduct this research work in the graduate degree of CMSC(Ph.D) or GSCS (Ph.D)

            or GSE (MS).

            Interested student are welcome to contact Dr. Iltai (Isaac) Kim through his email (

            by sending his/her CV.