Current Projects

.Developing three dimensional surface plasmon resonance (3D-SPR) imaigng technique: funded  from CEKO (PI, 3 years 4 month, $ 460,000)

.UAV Lab-on-a-chip chemical sensor: TAMU-CC Research Enhancement Grant (PI, 6 month, $ 5,000)

Past projects

07/13~01/14   Electrically injected UV-Visible nanowire laser, SNL (DOE SNL LDRD funding).

01/12~01/14   Near-field thermal emission measurement for enhanced heat recovery, SNL (DOE BES

                                   CMMS funding).

01/09~12/11   Imaging Solar Energy Flow in Light-Harvesting Photosynthetic Assemblies, ANL (DOE

                                   BES CSGB funding).

04/04~08/05   Micro-scale investigation of capillary pumped heat transport systems  

                                  (CPHTS) with a binary mixture working fluid, Air Force.

04/03~09/04   The study on the improvement of combustion instability of gas turbine (GT11N2),

                                   Pohang, POSCO.

01/02~12/02   The energy saving by heat efficiency increase and air leak decrease in GAH (gas air

                                   heater) in power plant (100MW), POSCO.

12/01~11/02   The establishment of the optimal refurbishment maintenance in the GAS Turbine of

                                   the LNG power plant, POSCO

07/00~06/01   The development of a computer program for the pipe network analysis of by-product

                                   gases at Pohang woks, POSCO.

03/98~12/99   The development of the RH-OB Burner in steel making process in Pohang works by

                                   experiment and numerical analysis, POSCO.

01/99~12/99   The development of the 3Gcal/H burner of the reheating furnace in the Plate Rolling

                                   Mills by numerical analysis and experiment, POSCO

07/97~06/98   The development of the technology of the thermodynamic engineering of the

                                  260T/H reheating furnace in Pohang works by experiment and numerical analysis,


01/98~12/98   The development of the analysis program for the prediction of the temperature of the

                                  outer casing of the teeming ladle by IHCP method, POSCO.

05/93~12/93   A study on the Interaction between satellite structure and thruster plume flow, KARI.

02/92~12/92   A study on the plume flow of the satellite attitude control thruster, KARI.