Reference/Recommendation Letters:

If you would like a reference/recommendation letter for the purposes of employment, internships, study abroad programs, graduate or professional school admissions, etc., please note the following:

(1) Please contact Dr. Epley Sanders via email at, by phone at (361) 825-2554, or in person during office hours at Bay Hall 341.

(2) Please provide Dr. Epley Sanders with background materials such as a note about how long and in what capacity you have known her, a draft or final copy of your resume and academic transcript, information about the application process and goals, and a personal statement (usually your application essay draft).

(3) Preference is given to students who have taken one or more classes with Dr. Epley Sanders and received a letter grade of an 'A' or 'B'; students who have been a grader, Supplemental Instructor, and/or research assistant for Dr. Epley Sanders; and students who have been in touch for one year or more.

(4) Students should request letters well in advance of the application deadline. Professors typically require a month or more to produce a letter.

(5) Students who receive a letter should keep Dr. Epley Sanders informed about the outcome.

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