Assignment: Political Science Survey



In-Class Today:


Form groups of about 10 people and create a survey with at least ten questions.


Be aware of: “loaded language” , question order, write clear and unambiguous questions


Responses can be: Yes/No or a

                Likert scale

                                  Very pleasant

                                  Somewhat pleasant

                                  Neither pleasant nor unpleasant

                                  Somewhat unpleasant

                                  Very unpleasant


                Or Open Ended: “What do you think about…?”


                Or some other combination of their choice


Students must ask themselves whether they want to collect demographic data (Age, education, income…) These questions do not count toward the ten required questions.

Begin to tabulate the results in class (if possible)


At Home:


Ask your survey questions to 10 (ten) other people outside of class.


Next Week (3/9-3/13):


Create Powerpoint presentation for seminar class. Give survey results to seminar class. This can be done in seminar (with your instructor’s permission) or independently.


Two weeks: (3/23-3/27)


These presentations over your survey results will be presented in seminar. We may show the best presentations in large lecture class. Those presenting in the CI138 may earn some extra credit (5 points).



For Students not in class during lecture:


Group these students together and have them complete the assignment (either in class or outside of seminar).

If you have students that have not attended lecture and seminar they need to complete the assignment by themselves. They will need to get twenty surveys completed.