Luis Rodolfo GARCIA CARRILLO - Research


My research interests include

  • Control Systems

  • Multi-Agent Systems

  • Game Theory

  • Intelligent Control

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • Computer Vision

Please check my Google Scholar, which lists my papers by citation count order.

Additionally, please visit my ResearchGate profile webpage.

Sponsored Research Projects

Multi-Agent Network Control - A Brain Emotional Learning-Inspired Approach

Sponsored by the Army Research Office - Network Sciences Division

The research objective of this project is to employ computational models of emotional learning observed in the mammalian limbic system to develop novel and systematic methodologies for analysis, design, and implementation of autonomous multi-agent systems (MAS) operations. The motivation comes from the interdisciplinary and complex nature of the tasks encountered in the modern society, which demand the integration of multiple complementary agents capable of self-organization and coordinate themselves. This work builds on our previous results demonstrating that the implementation of Brain Emotional Learning (BEL) is effective in stabilizing a single autonomous aerial agent, as well as a team of robots, both in simulations and real-time experiments.

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