Louis H. Katz


College of Liberal Arts                         E-Mail:  Louis.Katz@tamucc.edu

Texas A&M University – Corpus             Telephone:  (361) 825-5987        

6300 Ocean Drive                               http://LouisKatz.net         

Corpus, TX 78412                              


University Education:


         M.F.A. Montana State University                              1986                   

         B.F.A. Kansas City Art Institute                               1981                   

         University of Michigan School of Art                        1975

         University of Michigan School of Engineering          1974


Other Education:


         TAMU Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse training 2008 January

         TAMU Information Security Awareness 2008 October

         TAMU Creating a Discrimination-Free Workplace 2008 October

         TAMU Ethics 2008 October

         FEMA Certifications (2008):

         ISO 700: National Incident Management System, An Introduction 2008

         ISO 100: Introduction to the Incident Management System for Schools 2008

         ISO 800: National Response Framework, An Introduction 2008

         Amateur Radio Volunteer Examiner Credential             2007

         Amateur Radio Extra Class License W0IT                    2006

         Amateur Radio General Class License                         2006

        Amateur Radio Technician Class License from the F.C.C. 2004

         Eduprise WebCT Training, three days,                        2002                   

         Train the Trainer, National Coalition Building                      

         Institute's, prejudice reduction model, training

         to become a diversity workshop leader                       1998                   

         Anagama, Noborigama Kiln Firing Workshop,

         Flagstaff, Arizona                                                 1996 July

         Rubber Mold Making Seminar,

         J. Reynolds Company, Houston Texas                        1995 May



Employment History:


2004-                    Professor, Ceramics, Texas A&M University

present                           Corpus, Texas


1999 September      Associate Professor

-present                 Ceramics, Texas A&M University

                            Corpus, Texas       


1994-1999             Assistant Professor

                            Ceramics, Texas A&M University

                            Corpus, Texas


1992-1994             Assistant Manager, Product Development 

                            Archie Bray Foundation Clay Business 

                            Helena, Montana


1992                    Instructor, Ceramics, Helena Art Center                                                           Helena, Montana


1991-1992             Visiting Assistant Professor, Writing Intensive Art

                           Appreciation University of Missouri, Columbia 


1990-1991             Visiting Artist, Assistant Professor

                            Memphis State University, Advanced and Graduate

                            Ceramics and Sculpture, Beginning Ceramics,

                            Drawing, Graduate Seminar, Memphis, Tennessee


1990 winter            Guest Artist Arizona State University

                           Tempe, Arizona


1988-1989             Fulbright Scholar, "The Folk Pottery of

                            Thailand", funded by the Southeast Asian                                                                  Regional Research Program        


1988                    Visiting Professor, Faculty of Art Education,                                                     Chulalongkorn University,

                            Bangkok, Thailand 


1988 winter            Visiting Assistant Professor of Ceramics

                            New Mexico State University

                             Las Cruces, New Mexico

                             Freshman-Graduate Ceramics


1986-1988             Resident Artist, Community Class Instructor,                                                    Clay Business Assistant Manager,

                            Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, Montana


1984-1986             Competitive Teaching Assistantship

                            Montana State University, Introduction

                            to Art for non-majors


1981-1982             Operation of personal ceramics studio,

                            Shannock, Rhode Island


1973-1981             Ceramics Lab Coordinator, Staff Member

                            Fresh Air Society, Ortinville, Michigan

                            summer-camp ceramics instructor


1975-1976             Ceramics Lab Assistant,

                            University of Michigan, Arbor, Michigan                  


Select Exhibitions:


2009           Louis Katz: Manifesto, Brookhaven College, Dallas


2009           Louis Katz: Clayer, Kingwood College, Houston


2008           Louis Katz: Not Intended for Functional Use, Islander Art Gallery, Corpus,              Texas


2007           Different Directions, San Angelo Museum of Art,

                  San Angelo, Texas


2007         Busch, Neese, Katz,

                  Edwards University Art Gallery, Austin, Texas


2006           South Coast Clay, Space 301, Mobile Alabama, Tony Wright Curator


2006           Exhibition of Presenters, Tozan Kilns International Wood Fire Conference Northern Arizona University Art Museum, Flagstaff, Arizona


2006           Art Museum of South Texas Display of piece in the permanent collection


2006            Art of the Teapot, Lux Center for the Arts, group exhibit, Pete Pinnell

Curator, September


2006            Thresholds: Innovative Clay, Portland Oregon, Curated by Rebecca Hutchinson and Sidonie Villere


2005            Grand Opening Exhibition, Bentley Projects Gallery Phoenix, AZ, January


2004           Louis Katz and his Amazing Flaming Pipe Organ, Blue Star Art Space, San               Antonio Texas, July


2004           "Texas Clay", Texas State University, San Marcos


2004            "Texas Ceramics", Clark Gallery, University of Texas Permian Basin

                  Edinburgh, Texas


2004           " Little Bear: Contemporary Art from Houston and South Texas", Weil Gallery, Curated by Gus Kopriva of the Redbud Gallery


2004            Ceramics in Texas, Charles and Dorothy Clark Gallery, University of Texas Pan American, Curated by Fred Spaulding


2003           21st Century Ceramics in the United States and Canada,

                  Canzani Center Gallery, Columbus, Ohio


2002 March            "A Visit by A Visit by the Pipe Organ Repairman",

                           Trax Exhibition curated by Cary Esser, 

                           as part of the National Council on Education for the

                           Ceramic Arts,          Union Station,        Kansas City Missouri       


2001 summer          "2001: Clay Odyssey", performance and lecture, "A                                           Visit by the Pipe Organ Repairman", Archie Bray Foundation,

                           Helena, Montana     


2001                    "Archie Bray Foundation Demonstrating Artists Exhibition",

                           Warehouse Gallery, Helena, Montana      


2001 summer          Performance, "A Visit by the Pipe Organ Repairman",

                           Texas A&M University, Corpus             


2000                    South Texas Institute of the Arts, Juried Art Exhibit,

                           Corpus, Texas        


1999                    "Terra Incognita", curated exhibition, Wilhelmi-Holland Gallery,                                   Corpus, Texas


1999                    "Lighten Up", curated exhibition,

                           Ohio Craft Museum, Columbus, Ohio


1999                    "Landing of Aliens" TAMU-CC Campus, collaborative performance                       with Don Luna, Phil Johnson, Flicka Rahn, and Keith Rowley


1998                    "Form Function and the Boogie-Woogie Blues", curated                                     exhibition, Third Floor Gallery, University of Texas of                                       Permian Basin, Odessa, Texas                


1998                    Director, and Producer, "Mercator Projections", a                                               monologue by Mamet, performed by camera obscura                                          projection for the Texas Association of Educators of Art (TAEA)                                    annual conference


1998                    Invitational exhibit in conjunction with the Texas Association of                                  Educators of Art (TAEA) conference, Peoples Art Space, Texas


1998                    "Deep in the Clay of Texas", invitational, Tyler                                                 Museum of Art Tyler, Texas

1998                    "Within the Borders", Curated Exhibition, Meadows                                          Gallery, University of Texas Tyler, also                                                           traveled to: Bank One Building, Fort Worth, Texas


1997                    "Alice", multimedia performance collaboration with Don Luna

                           and Keith Rowley performed at Baley's Casino, Las Vegas, for the                                   National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Conference        

1997                    "Grit", Solo Exhibition, Simon Michael Art                                                              Gallery, Bee County College, Beeville, Texas


1997                    "Fire and Fiber", group show, Rockport Center for the Arts, Rockport,                    Texas 


1996                    "Cup and Goblet", group exhibition, Margo                                                              Jacobsen Gallery, Portland Oregon


1996                    "Alternative Barbie Exhibit", Peoples Art Space,                                               Corpus, Texas        


1995                    "Jim Edwards, Louis Katz, Barbara Riley",

                           Weil Gallery, Texas A&M Corpus


1994                    "Performance of The Rhythm of Plastic Skin",                                                  director, Wilson Studio Theatre,

                           Corpus, Texas        


1992                    "Lecturers Exhibition", 1994 Malispina College                                               Seminar, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada


1993                    "The Whole Truth", solo exhibition, Myrna Loy                                                Center, Helena, Montana    


1993                    "Montana Bray Clay", Myrna Loy Center, Helena,                                                       Montana               


1993                    "2nd Annual Benefit Exhibit for the Archie Bray Foundation" in                                    conjunction with National Council on Education for the                                              Ceramic Arts Conference, International Gallery, San Diego, California                      

1993                    "Mardi Gras Edible Art Exhibition", "The Plain of Jars" in cast                             chocolate, first place award, Holter Museum of Art, Helena, Montana   

1993                    "Montana State University Centennial Invitational Alumni                                          Exhibition", Haynes Fine Art Gallery, Bozeman, Montana


1993                    "Helena Art Club Exhibition", Myrna Loy Gallery,                                                      Helena, Montana


1992                    "Artist Generated Toys and Games",

                           Holter Museum of Art, Helena, Montana


1992                    "Grand Illuminations", Salem Art Association,

                           A.N. Bush Gallery, Salem, Oregon           


1991                    "The Whole Truth", curated exhibition, Memphis Brooks                                             Museum of Art, Memphis, Tennessee      


1991                    "Six States of Clay", Kansas City Artists'                                                        Coalition Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri


1991                    Ferrin Gallery, Northampton, Massachusetts      


1991                    "Former Artists in Residence", Arizona State                                                    University, Tempe, Arizona


1991                    "Faculty Show", University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri


1990                    Performance of "Kiln for Itawamba", Itawamba                                                  Community College, Fulton, Mississippi


1990                    "Memphis State University Sculpture", Itawamba                                                       Community College, Fulton, Mississippi


1990                    "Exhibition of Fulbright Excellence", American                                                Association, Bangkok, Thailand


1989                    "Archie Bray Foundation Residents", exhibition in                                                    conjunction with the National Council on                                                                Education in the Ceramic Arts Conference,                                                                Central Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri


1988                    "Archie Bray International", Holter Museum of                                                 Art, Helena, Montana


1988                    "Residents of the Archie Bray Foundation",                                                              Gallery, Missoula, Montana


1987                    Invitational Teapot Show, Sales Area,                                                             Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, Montana        


1987                    "Gail Busch, Helen Farron, Louis Katz", Artifacts                                               Gallery, Bozeman, Montana


1987                    "Residents of the Archie Bray Foundation", Paxon                                                     Gallery, Missoula, Montana


1986-1987             DeWeese Gallery, Bozeman, Montana


1985                    Dorothy Weiss Gallery, San Francisco, California


1985                    "Lenexa National 3-D Art Show", Legler Museum,                                                       Lenexa, Kansas                


1985                    "Fifth Biennial Paper and Clay National",                                                        Gallery, Memphis Tennessee


1985                    "National Small Image and Object",

                           100% Realart Gallery, Spokane, Washington      


1984                    "Sweet Pea Exhibition", Museum of the Rockies,                                               Bozeman, Montana  


1982                    "Chicago and Vicinity Clay III",

                           Lill Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois       


1981                    "NCECA Student Invitational Exhibition",

                           Wichita, Kansas


1977                    Artforms Gallery, Detroit, Michigan        


Web Site:              http://louiskatz.net

Art work:                http://falcon.tamucc.edu/~lkatz/LK/index.htm

Class materials:        http://falcon.tamucc.edu/~lkatz/materials/materials.html

Complete index:      http://www.tamucc.edu/wiki/Katz/

Youtube School      http://youtube.com/LouisKatzCeramics

Featured Artist:       http://wood-fired-ceramics.blogspot.com/


Authored Booklet:  


       Revision of "Traditional Thai Pottery Guide and Dictionary" (formerly "English-Thai         Potter's Dictionary and Quick Guide to Thai Potteries"), originally published in 1991,        2001



   "Clay is not Painting" in the book "21st Century Ceramics" edited by Bill Hunt,      published by the American Ceramics Society (also contains two images of my work),          2003




         Artist Statement,  "I am a Clayer, This is my Manifesto" for the OSO BAY Biennial     XV 2008


"Teaching Glaze Calculation to Mathiphobes", National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Journal 2005


Artist Statement, Critical Ceramics Magazine, 2004


Technical columnist, "Questions Column", Ceramics Monthly Magazine 1995-1998


"Ask The Doctor" column, Technical columnist, National Council on Education, or the Ceramic Arts (tri-annual) Newsletter, 1996-1998       


"ALICE", Journal of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, Volume 18 Page 100, 1997  


"Calcia oh Calcia", National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Journal, 1995       

"The Rise and Fall of Cast Glaze", January, Ceramics Monthly Magazine, 1994        


"Thai Folk Pottery", September, Ceramics Monthly Magazine, 1991


"A Former Mortar Maker Comments", Journal of the National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts, Volume 12, 1991


"Firing Scientifically", October, Ceramics Monthly Magazine, 1987


"Unloading", September, Ceramics Monthly Magazine, 1985                     




"Kiln Building at the Island University" stop motion short, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nCdjOvjkbM&feature=channel_page 2008


"Traditional Thai Pottery Part 1", rebuilt to DVD with some new dubbing and minor edits shown at The Freer Gallery of Art Smithsonian Institution 2008 as part of my lecture on Thai Pottery (above).


"Ceramic Installation by Louis Katz" teaser.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wi4yiXrnbA&feature=channel_page 2008


         "Styrene" (20 minutes) was completed. It is art video depicting a critique of the        Expanded Polystyrene Cup. 2007


          "ARS:._   ._.  ..." (20 minutes) was completed. It is an art video about conflicting      definitions of art. 2007


"Why Fire With Wood 2006", 20 minute art video, shot, edited, produced, 2006, presented at the "20 + 1 Years of the Tozan Kilns, An International Wood Fire Conference", Flagstaff Arizona, also at the San Angelo Ceramic Week 2006


"Spun Tales V2C3", 20 minute art video on the differences between painting and ceramics, shot, edited, produced, 2006 presented at the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts conference 2006, also distributed on CD by Trinity Ceramics Supply, Dallas


"Traditional Thai Pottery: Part 1, Dankwean", Video, 56 minute, documentary, shot, edited, produced, dubbed, 1992


"Traditional Thai Pottery: Part 2, Beyond Dankwean", Video, 56 minute documentary, shot, edited, produced, dubbed, 1992                      


Reviews and other publications about my work:


         Review of "Louis Katz: Clayer" by Joe Kagle

          http://www.lonestar.edu/8097.htm  bottom


Summer of Mudders, a video by Martin Holt, and interview with Louis Katz and images of his work. Shot in 1988 but published in 1995


         "When is a Kiln not a Kiln", Ceramics in Society,

         Issue 55, 2004 series, page 2


         National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Journal Vol. XXIII pg. 114,        image of Organ Kiln, 2003


"The Archie Bray Foundation: A Photographic Exploration" an interactive CD includes images of   "Kiln for the Brickyard" sculpture and "Extruded Bottles" installation, 2003


Five Octaves: where fire, kilns, & pipe organs intersect, Fine Art Ceramics magazine, Vol. 1 Issue 2, March 2002


"Renaissance Man, Artist Profile: Louis Katz", Gulf Scapes Magazine, Vol.1 Issue 5, March/April, 2002


"Five Octaves", Video Documentary on fire breathing organ performance in Helena Montana by Ethan Notkin http://www.tamucc.edu/~lkatz/o/octaves.mov, 2001                   

"Ceramics a Potter's Handbook", textbook by Glenn Nelson and Richard Burkett, page 196 image of Cylindrical Scove, 2001   


"A Ceramic Spectrum", textbook by Robin Hopper, image and credits, 2001  


"A Ceramic Continuum: Fifty Years of the Archie Bray Influence", book by Peter Held, page 177, image of Brickyard Kiln, 2001                          


"Mastering the Craft", textbook by Richard Zakin, pages 133, 196, 197 images of kilns as art and pots,     2001          


"Playing With Fire", Corpus Caller-Times newspaper, April 26 2001, B-8 Center, article on "A Visit by the Pipe Organ Repairman", 2001


"The Sound and the Fiery", Helena Independent Record newspaper, June 17, 2001, C-1 full page, article on A Visit by the Pipe Organ Repairman, 2001                         


Three A&M Publications, The Island University Alumni Magazine Volume 6, Number 1 page 11, "Great Balls of Fire", University Currents, Volume IV, Number 8 page 4, "Louis Katz and his Fire-Breathing Organ", A&M System News, "Great Balls of Fire", June 2001, reprint from The Island University Alumni Magazine, 2001


Island Waves campus student newspaper, interview, 2001       


Louis Katz, a chapter in the book "Ways of Creation", Richard Zakin pages 48-53, 2000


Acknowledgement in "Clay and Glazes for the Potter", textbook by Robin Hopper, page 19, 2000


Image "Cart of Pots" and quote appear in clay/words: High Ground goes to the Bray, published by: High Ground PO Box 8961, Moscow Idaho, 1997


Ceramics Monthly Magazine, March page 43, "Louis Katz", article on work in the faculty exhibition of spring of 1995, 1996            


Caller Times Newspaper, "Teapottery", January 20, 1996


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Luminaria Magazine, "Rhythm of Plastic Skin", Volume 2, Issue 6, 1994


Ceramics Monthly Magazine, December, video review, "Thai Folk Pottery", 1992


Independent Record Newspaper, Helena Montana, December 18, review and picture of Party Hats from "Artist Generated Toys" exhibition, 1992                         


Number Magazine, Memphis Tennessee, summer, review of  "Whole Truth" exhibition, 1991


Columbia Daily Tribune, Columbia Missouri, September 26, picture of slipcast teapots, 1991


Chieftain Newspaper, Itawamba Mississippi, October 22 review and picture of installation of "Kiln for Itawamba", 1990


Independent Record Newspaper, Helena Montana, August 5, "His Passion for Clay" feature article, 1987


Michigan Daily Newspaper, Ann Arbor, April 2, picture of  "Tooth-decay" costume, 1975


         Good Morning Michigan Newspaper, Ann Arbor, April 2, picture of  "Tooth-decay"   costume, 1975                



         LH Projects 2007

         Archie Bray Foundation ~1985-1988

         Arizona State University 1990

         New York Experimental Glass Workshop 1985



Professional Association and Conference Presentations:


         Demonstrating Artist, International Khmer Ceramics Festival 2007


         Conference Presenter, Changes in Dankwean that brought about Ceramic        Development, Siem Reap, Cambodia (International). This was conference of    archaeologists, and artists concerning Khmer glazed stoneware, its history and the    possibility of its rebirth. 2007


         Greater Austin Clay Artists slide lecture, "Clayer" 2007


         Demonstrating Artist and Slide Lecture, San Angelo Ceramics Week 2007, San         Angelo, Texas


         "Presenter of Suwanee Natewong", Archie Bray International, Helena Montana, 2007


"Spun Tales V2C3", presented at the National Council on Education for the Ceramics Arts, 2006


"WhyFireWithWood2006", a lecture with videos at the "20 + 1 Years of the Tozan Kilns, An International Wood Fire Conference", Flagstaff Arizona, 2006


"Teaching Glaze Calculation to Mathiphobes", National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, 2004


"Glaze Doctor", National Council on Education For the Ceramic Arts Conference, Minneapolis Minnesota, 1995 


Lecture, "Metamorphosis in Dankwean: of Faxes and Ceramics", Council on Thai Studies Annual Meeting, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1995 


"Traditional Thai Pottery", National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts Conference (NCECA), Tempe Arizona, 1991


Translator, Commentator, Thai Folk Pottery Demonstrations, National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts Conference (NCECA), Tempe, Arizona, 1991                         

"Traditional Pottery of Thailand", screening of rough cut video footage, American Woodfire 91 Conference, Iowa City, Iowa, 1991


Guest Lecturer, "Conference on Ceramic Design", Chiang Mai, Thailand, 1989


Presentations at Universities and Colleges:


         Demonstration and Lecture at Kingwood College 2009


         Demonstration at Brookhaven College 2009


         Demonstration at South Texas College 2009


         OSO Bay Biennial XV, A lecture on the roots of my work, TAMUCC, Wilson    Theatre 2008


         Edwards University, Austin, Texas, A demonstration on throwing off the hump,        textural additions to clays and rational for making pottery in the 21st century 2007


         "Conceptual Basis", an introspective lecture on my work, given in Thai,

         Silipakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 2003


         Glaze Experimentation, Lecture, Victoria Community College, Victoria, Texas          2003


Lectures, San Diego State University, "Conceptual Veins", and "Changes in Dankwean Ceramics", 1995


Participation in Raku workshop, demonstration of forced air coal firing, lecture, Victoria College, Victoria, TX, 2001


Slide lecture on my work, Laredo Community College, Laredo, Texas, 1999                     

Demonstration, Slide Presentation and Lecture, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, 1999


"Why Dankwean?" slide lecture for Korat Technological College, Korat, Thailand, 1998     


Introspective Slide Lecture, Bee County College, Beeville, Texas, 1997


Lecture and firing of "Glazed Cylindrical Scove", Southwestern University Art Department, Georgetown, Texas, 1996    


Distinguished Lecturer, University of Arizona, Tuscon, 1994


Workshop Presenter, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana, 1994


"Changing Sexual Roles in Pottery Making Villages of Thailand", Extension Services, Thai- U.S. Exchange Program, University of Missouri, Columbia, 1991


"The Folk Pottery of Thailand", Itawamba Community College, Fulton, Mississippi, 1990  


Nine Lectures "The Folk Pottery of Thailand", Nagano Craftsmen Association, Nagano, Japan, Montana State University, Kansas City Art Institute, Archie Bray Foundation, Bemis Project, Detroit Center for Creative Studies, Alfred University, C.W. Post College, and Philadelphia College of Art, 1989


Guest Lecturer, Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Silicate Engineering, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, 1989    


Louis Katz, "Forms of Function The New School", Manhattan, New York, organized by New York Experimental Glass Workshop, 1985          


Other Professional Presentations


"Dankwean: A "Traditional" Pottery making community in Thailand", Freer Gallery of Art, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.,  2008


"Art History", Corpus Festival of the Arts, The Art Center of Corpus, 2008


"The Effects of Historic Japanese Pottery on Contemporary American Ceramics",       for an exhibition at the Museum of Asian Culture, Corpus, Texas, 2005        


Tour Leader, "Thailand" with Discovery Art Travel, a tour for ceramic artists of Traditional Thai Potteries, 2003- 2004


"The Effects of Historic Japanese Pottery on Contemporary American Ceramics",       for an exhibition at the Japanese Embassy, Houston, Texas, 2003


         Nottingham Center for the Arts, weeklong workshop on textured clay bodies and      rudimentary kiln construction, 1999      


"Louis Katz, A Function of Form", and "Traditional Thai Pottery", 1994 Malispina College Seminar, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, 1994       


Presenter for Thai Potters, 1994 Festival of American Folklife, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., 1994  


"Rock, Scissors, Paper, Clay: Changes in Traditional Thai Crafts", Holter Museum of Art, Helena, Montana, 1993                   


"Traditional Thai Pottery", Cambridge Pottery Festival, Cambridge, Wisconsin, 1992



Local and High School Presentations:


         Corpus Independent School District Inservice training presentation

         on kiln firing and safety


         Several gallery talks at the Islander Art Gallery during my exhibition. 2008


         Workshop for Children during the Art Museum of South Texas new wing opening     celebration Fall 2006


Engineering Technology, presentation on slipcasting and other ceramic technology for Materials and processes course


Demonstration on making charcoal for Drawing classes Fall 2005


Demonstration on making wax crayons for Drawing classes Spring 2005


Pinhole Cameras; how they work and what to use them for, Wynn Seale Academy, October 2005


Large Scale Coil Throwing, Vanderbuilt High School, Vanderbuilt, TX, 2001


Retrospective slide lecture, Victoria College, Victoria, TX, 2001


"Bulk Image Processing, Organizing and Handling", for TAMU-CC Art Faculty, 2001


"Publishing Databases on the Web", Center for Teaching Excellence, TAMU-CC, 2000


"Bulk Image Processing" workshop, Center for teaching Excellence, TAMU-CC, 2000


"Uses for Filemaker Pro", Center for Teaching Excellence, TAMU-CC, 2000


"Getting it up on the Web", Center for Teaching Excellence, TAMU-CC, 1999


Raku Workshop, Texas Art Education Association, 1999


"Slide Documentation of Small Scale Art", presented for the Society of Evolving Artists, TAMU-CC, 1999


"Being Jewish in America", four discussions with Race and Ethnic Relations Class, TAMU-CC, 1994-1999


"Nigunim", workshoplet for the TAMU-CC Music Department, 1999


"Pronunciation of English Final Consonants", a lesson given at two elementary schools in Thailand, Ampoe Kirimat, Sukhothai, and Baan Non Muang, Dankwean, Korat, 1998


"Camera Obscuras and Pinhole Photography", an in-service workshop for Corpus  Independent School District art teachers, 1998


Rockport Fulton High, Introspective slide lecture, 1998


Skidmore-Tynan High School, Pottery and Introspective slide lecture, 1998                    

"Photographing 3-D Artwork", Southwest Sculpture Society, 1998


"Thoughts on Thailand", Short Closed Circuit TV Presentation for Travis Elementary School Corpus, Texas, 1997


Lecture "Thai Culture and Art", William Travis Elementary, CCISD, 1997


"Pinhole Photography", Lecture for photography students at Winn Seale Academy of Fine Arts, Corpus, Texas, 1997                       


Jim Berman's Core Curriculum Seminar, Bonfire Workshop, 1996 Fall


Workshop Presenter, CCISD in-service training, the making and firing of bonfired wares in one day., Del Mar College, 1995


"The Crafts of Thailand", a slide presentation Corpus Water Color Society, 1995                       


Workshop Organizing and Curatorial Activities


         Bonfired Ceramic workshop for an Archaeology student of Bob Drolet 2008



         Soda Kiln Workshop for Victoria College Students

         TAMUCC 2008, 2009


         Kiln Firing Workshop (s)

         Art Center of Corpus 2008, 2009


         Daniel Johnston Big Pot Workshop, TAMUCC, September 2007


         Clay Houston Craft Fair Juror

         Houston Center for Contemporary Craft Parking Lot, May 2006


Curator of Exhibition of Leach School Pottery in the U.S., Art Museum of South Texas, April 2004


Curator of  "OSO Bay Biennial XIII", "Great Pots of Texas", Weil Gallery, April 2004


Texas Association of Schools of Art Conference organizing committee member for the April 2004 conference, April 2004


         Curator of a collection of small functional pottery for the Art Museum of

         South Texas, 2003


Co-Juror, 2nd Annual Exhibition of Art for Social Justice in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, The Progressive Caucus, Corpus, Texas

Co-Juror, "Erotica", K-Space Art Studios, Corpus, 2003


Co-Juror of Graphic Design Promotion at the Business Professionals of America State Leadership conference, 2003


Co-Juror of the Ray High School Student Art Competition, 2000                         


Juror of San Antonio Potter's Guild Annual Exhibition, 1999


Organizer "OSO Bay BIENNIAL XI; The Elephant and the Bear", Texas A&M University, Corpus, Texas, 1999                        


Curator, "OSO Bay BIENNIAL XI" exhibition, Texas A&M University, Corpus, Texas, 1999          


Juror and Presenter of 1998 Emerging Talent Presentations, National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Conference, Forth Worth, Texas       1998                                              

"December Treasure Box Co-Juror", Art Center of Corpus         1997                   

Juror, "Tri-Group Exhibition", South Texas Art League, Joseph A. Cain Memorial Art Gallery, Delmar College      1995


Workshop Organizer, "Umdang at TAMUCC", Texas A&M University Corpus, 1995                   

Curator, "Oso Bay Biennial IX Exhibition", Weil Gallery, Texas A&M University, Corpus, 1995          


Juror, "Dimension 1994", The Art Center of Corpus, Texas       1994         


Professional Organization Positions:


         Board Member, Texas Clay Arts Association, 2002-2003


         Director of Electronic Communication, National Council on Education for the          Ceramic Arts (ad hoc), 1999-2001 


         Director At Large, elected by the General Membership of the National Council on      Education for the Ceramic Arts after a nomination from the floor, 1997-1999                   



Professional Memberships and Conference attendance:


San Angelo Ceramics Week 2007


Archie Bray International 2006


Tozan Kilns International Wood Fire Conference, 2006


National Council On Education For The Ceramic Arts attendee or participant each year except 1989 and 2003,     1984-present


Texas Clay Arts Association 2002- present


Texas Association of Schools of Art 2002-2004


Clay Odyssey, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, Montana, 2001


Different Stokes, attendee, translator and assistant to Suwanee Natewong, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, 1999      


Tradition in Transition, attendee, Symposium, Asheville, NC, 1997    


American Woodfire 91 Conference, attendee, Iowa City, Iowa, 1991




2005 Nominated: Senior Fulbright Research Grant, " Documentation of recent changes in traditional Thai pottery from an artist's viewpoint"


Municipal Arts Commission Grant for 2004 Texas Association of Schools of Art Conference (not awarded), 2003


Grant writer for Fulbright Visiting Scholar in Residence Grant of Suwanee Natewong, 1999


Grant writer, Internal Grant for the purchase of Nikon Bulk Slide Scanner, 1999       


         Fulbright Research Grant, The Folk Pottery of Thailand, 1989


         Research in Creativity Grant, Montana State University, 1984




         Assistant County Liaison Officer (CLO 31-355-X), Radio Amateur Emergency          Service (RACES)  2008-2009

         Net Control Operator for Thailand Amateur Radio Echolink Operators, operating       under station HS8AS, ~January 3, 2008

         Radio Interview FM 91 Dankwean, Thailand 2006

Returned Daniel Johnston's work to North Carolina by truck 2007

Completed Security, Ethics and Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Training 9/ 2006

Extra Class Amateur Radio License 2006

General Class Amateur Radio License 2006

Technicians Class Amateur Radio License 2004

         Skywarn Storm Spotter Volunteer training 2006

         Member Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) (2004-2009)

Lecture and Demonstration for the Flint Hills Summer Program 2005, 2006

Assembled Hurricane Relief Websites:  (2005) http://falcon.tamucc.edu/wiki/Katz/LAMIPotters


Arranged workshop and residency for Sidonie Villere

         Two Interviews on Dankwean Pottery Village Thailand Radio, 2005

Arranged for visiting artist Sidonie Villere to spend 3 weeks at TAMUCC after Hurricane Katrina

Numerous lectures for TAMUCC Art and Society Classes 2000-2005

         Crayon making workshop for Drawing class 2005

Loan of artwork to the Faculty Renaissance Center

Attendance: Ways to Promote Active Learning Faculty Renaissance Center 2003

Katrina affected Ceramists web page:

         http://falcon.tamucc.edu/wiki/Katz/LAMIPotters, 2005

External Reviewer for the promotion of Rebecca Hutchinson at University of Massachusetts, 2005

         Ceramics@listserv.tamucc.edu, listserv administrator 2005-2009

         Music@listserv.tamucc.edu, listserv administrator, 2009-2009

         Theatre@listserv.tamucc.edu, listserv administrator, 200-2009

         Art@listserv.tamucc.edu, listserv administrator, 2004-2009

         Artstudents@listserv.tamucc.edu, listserv administrator, 2008-2009

         Rewrite of Glaze Calculation software first written by Katz in 1975-76. New    version is accessible on the web: http://falcon.tamucc.edu/~lkatz/gc2beta1/input.htm        2003

Planning for Potter's tour of Thailand, Denys James Tours, 2003, 2005

Solicited for possible (ultimately not successful) inclusion in the 20th anniversary celebration of Cirque du Soleil, July 11 2004, in Montreal Canada, 2003

Credit for firing technique given in Pottery Making Illustrated magazine January/February 2003, "Pressure Vessels:  Organic Burnout Material for Texture"

by Richard Burkett, 2003

Tuning the TAMUCC Harpsichord, 2002  

National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Site Designer and Webmaster, http://nceca.net, 1998-2002

The NCECA Ceramic Institution Database, using CDML and LDML, 1999-2002       

The NCECA World Contemporary Ceramic Image Database, using CDML and LDML, 1998-2002                      

DVPA Web Master http://www2.tamucc.edu/~dvpa/, 1996-2002                          

Faculty Advisor, TAMUCC Student Art Association, 1996 -2001                         

"The New World Chapter 7: Final Training", video short by Clay Kronke, former student. Credit for critique of film in early stages, 2001

Built the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts eStore for Conference Registration, using Miva Merchant 2.0, 2001                        

Camp Sandcastle Ceramics Workshop with children ages 5-8, 2000

Noel-Levitz Survey of classes, participant, 2000

The Coastal Bend Arts Calendar, using CDML, 1998                       

Oveido Giberga, 1999, used slides of "Slipcast Glass", a body of work and unique glass forming process, as a significant portion of a lecture on Innovation in the Ceramic Arts for the American Ceramics Society

Luther Jones Elementary School Tour and Pinch Pot Workshop, 1996          

Proofreader for Woodfired Stoneware and Porcelain by Jack Troy, Chilton Books, acknowledged page xvi, 1995 

Setting up of Ceramic Materials and Glaze Inventory and Recipe Database to be accessible by students, 1995              

Grand Prize, Mardi Gras Edible Art Exhibition, Holter Museum of Art, Helena, Montana, 1993

Costume Award 3rd place, "Head of the Caterpillar", Helena Community School Halloween Dance, Helena, Montana, 1993

Costume award 3rd place, "Montana Exterminator", Rose's Cantina Halloween Dance, Helena, Montana, 1992                       

Korat TV, Thailand, Artist Juggles at Dankwean Folk Pottery Festival, 1989  

Sweet Pea Exhibition 2nd Place, Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, Montana, 1984                                               




         Faculty Senate Deputy Speaker 2009-2010


         TAMU System Faculty Senate officers groups Chair 2009-2010


         Environmental Advisory Council (represent the college) 2008


         M.A. Thesis Committee Chair (2) Member (7) 2008


         Faculty Senate (finance sub-committee) 2008


         University Calendar Committee faculty representative 2008


University Technology Council 2005-2009


Institutional Technology Council, 1999-2005


Media Specialist Replacement Committee Fall 2006

2-D Foundations Search Committee Chair, Spring 2005-Spring 2006


School of Art and Communication Faculty Promotion Advisory Committee (DVPA FPAC),  2005-2007


Weil Gallery Committee 1994- Present


Arts and Humanities Post-Tenure Review Committee (though Spring 2008)


Information Technology Task Force, Spring 2005


Information Technology Task Force: Distance Ed Tech Support subgroup,

Spring 2005


Information Technology Task Force: Organization Subgroup, Spring 2005


School of Arts and Communication Strategic Planning Committee 2004-2006


Institutional Technology Council, 1999-2005


Programmatic Working Group of the Focus on Expansion Task force 2005


Supervised M.A. thesis committee for Jacqueline Anderson, Spring 2004


         Fall 2003 graduating M.A. student committees served on, 3 in Art, 1 in Computer     Science


Geology Program Review Committee, 2004


Texas Association of Schools of Art Conference (2004), organizing committee



Art Program Review Committee, 2002-2003                        


Art History/ Curator Search Committee, 2002-2003                        


College Computer Committee, 1997-2004


College Library Committee, 2000-2001


A&H Graduate Committee, 1998-2000


Foundation Artist Search Committee       1999-2000                     


GroupWise and Novel Administrator Search Committee, 2000


Computer Lab Coordinator Search Committee, 1999


College Web Committee (ad hoc), 1997-99


Student Network Administrator Search Committee Online Database Designing and Maintenance, 1998


University Web Committee (ad hoc),        1997 -98


A&H Library Committee, 1995-97                   


International Research Related Travel


Cambodia, 9 Days at Angkor Wat and Khmer Center for Ceramic Revival

December 2007


Thailand, three weeks visiting pottery villages, and ham radio contacts, December 2007- January 2008


Thailand, Summer 2005, four days visiting potteries in Thailand professionally during a family vacation.


Ten months in Thailand, documenting traditional Thai pottery,

Fulbright grant, 1988-89


Four weeks in Japan visiting Shigaraki, and Mashiko villages, and crafts people in Nagano, 1989                    

Return to Thailand to revisit and note changes, 1992    


Return to Thailand to revisit and note changes, and to find the basis for future Fulbright grants, 1998              


Queretero Mexico, a visit to affiliated university, a utilitarian pottery village and a stone quarry with Suwanee Natewong a Fulbright Scholar in Residence, 1999


Tour leader for a potter's tour of Thailand, Denys James Travel, December/January 2003-2004, revisited Ratchaburi, Pakred, Koh Kred, Dankwean, Baan Maaw Mahasarakham, Baan Koh Noi, Muang Kung Chiang Mai, Baan Maaw Chiang Mai with research related stops at Wat Arun, and Wat Po.