Katz Glaze Calculator

Use at your own risk. This calculator may not be accurate. Do not use to determine safety of glazes.

This input page and the script which processes it are designed for stoneware glazes. for an example of what it will do try these values Na20=.15 K2O=.15 CaO=.4 MgO= .1 BaO=.1 SrO= .1 Al2O3=.4 SiO2=4.7
Currently there is no ZnO or colorants. There is no KNAO choice. B2O3 has not been properly proofed. LIke real glaze calculations the input is limited by the ingredients available. Currently the list of used ingredients is: Custer Feldspar, Neph Sy. Calcium Carbonate, Dolomite, Strontium Carb., Barium Carb. , Lithium Carb. EPK, Silica, Ultrox, CadyCal, Red Iron Oxide.03.

CadyCal is now working.

Na2O Al2O3 SiO2
K2O B2O3 ZrO2
Li2O   TiO2
CaO P2O5 Fe2O3