Research Projects


Laser Induced Plasmas and Optical Diagnostics

Breakdown threshold measurements in gas and liquid phase and respective phase-boundaries are being investigated using 532 nm and 632 nm laser shadowgraphy, two-wavelength laser interferometry, optical emission spectroscopy and schlieren diagnostcis. The research also includes laser plasma induced enhanced nanoparticle formation in liquids, which is a growing area of cutting-edge research on nanomaterials, and plasma shockwave interactions for airforce and military applications.




Cold Plasma Jets for Materials and Biomedical Applications

In this research we have developed a number of novel plasma jets that has a great potential for wide range of applications such as medicine, biomedical, materials, industrial and environmental applications. We also perform electrical and biological characterization of our plasma jets. Plasma characterization such as reactive species identification and concentration measurements, plasma density and temperature measurements etc are being carried out.




Cold Plasma Induced Cancer Treatment

Effects of cold plasmas on cancerous cells have been researched in our lab. We research to profile death morphologies of cancer cells after treatment to cold plasma, by utilizing fluorescent biomarkers for distinguishing between death morphologies using microscopy and flow cytometry. We research to identify and quantify the two morphologically distinct types of physiological cell death such as apoptotic and necrotic cell deaths. The research show very promising results for a potential tool for effective cancer treatment.




Cold Plasma Sterilization of Bacteria in Food, Liquid and Dry Media

Bacterial contamination in food, water and dry surfaces such as hospital and medical supplies are a major concern to the society. Cold plasma sterilization has been increasingly shown to have exceptional performance with a low operating cost. In our research we develop and research range of cold plasma sources for bacterial inactivation, sterilization and decontamination in liquids such as water, in food supplies such as vegetables, fruits, meats and eggs.





Cold Plasma Processing of Materials and Surface Modifications

Cold plasmas have been increasingly employed in several materials processing applications including, polymer and semi-conductor materials surface treatment applications. In this research, RF cold plasmas are used to treat wide range of polymer and bio-polymer samples to increase surface energy at low temperatures. Characterization of the plasma jet plume and reactive species are being characterized. The plasma treated samples are analyzed and characterized using contact angle measurements by goniometer, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS).