CHEM 4292

Senior Chemistry Seminar

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Course Description

Senior seminar is a capstone course for chemistry majors. Students are asked to apply the information, theory and skills acquired in the classroom and laboratory to the examination of significant, chemistry-related societal issues. Coursework involves the analysis of research reports, review articles and other professional papers, preparation of essays and participation in case-based study exercises. Senior seminar also emphasizes professional development activities to help students prepare for life after graduation. 

Course Objectives

Review important societal issues related to chemistry

Enhance skills in critical analysis, discussion and technical writing

Develop research skills in the acquisition, organization and presentation of chemical information

Develop professional development skills in identifying personal skill sets, researching organizations, developing contacts, preparing resumes, interviewing and negotiating salary and benefits

Case Studies

Climate change

Antibiotic Resistance

Pollution and Toxicology

Chemical Weapons

Recreational Drug Use: Chemistry & Physiology

Nobel Prize Winners


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