College Algebra (Math 1314)

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Department of Mathematics and Statistics



    The course continues the development of algebra from Math 0399, Intermediate Algebra. A review of properties of numbers and linear equations and inequalities is included. Topics are quadratic equations and inequalities, graphs, logarithms, and exponential, solutions of polynomial equations and systems of equations.


    Math 0399, Intermediate Algebra, or placement into College Algebra.



This course is designed to enable students to:

  1. Solve linear equations and inequalities, recognize and create graphs of linear functions and interpret and solve linear models.
  2. Solve quadratic equations and inequalities, recognize and create graphs of quadratic functions and interpret and solve quadratic models.
  3. Solve polynomial equations and inequalities, recognize and create graphs of polynomial functions and interpret and solve polynomial models.
  4. Use exponential expressions and functions to model real world situations and to solve abstract exponential equations.
  5. Use logarithmic expressions and functions to model real world situations and to solve abstract logarithmic equations.
  6. Model with systems of equations and solve them using the method of substitution, graphing or elimination with backward substitution.
  7. Apply a general understanding of the use of inverse functions and procedures to solve real-world and abstract equations and models.


    Methods and activities for instruction include lecture by the instructor and participation by the students by doing problems in class.


    The methods of evaluation and the criteria for grade assignments are:

    Homework 10%

    Attendance 10%

    Tests 60% (mid-term 20% and three major tests 40%)

    Final 20% (comprehensive, calculator is allowed)

    Grading Scale: A = 90 – 100, B = 80 – 89,

    C = 70 –79, D = 60 – 69, F = 59 or below.


See the classroom teacher.


Attendance Please plan to attend each and every class meeting. It will be difficult to complete daily work and homework if you don’t. If for some reasons you are not able to attend class, please notify the instructor as soon as possible. You are the only person responsible for your registration in this class. If you do not wish to continue the course, you may drop it without my signature. If you decide this, I welcome a chance to meet with you so that you can be sure that dropping is necessary. On the other hand, no one but yourself can drop you. If you quit coming to class and do not drop, I will be forced to assign you a grade based on the work you have completed, usually an F

Help: Free tutoring is available at the Tutoring and Student Learning Center on the Second floor of the library. A student solution manual is also available on reserve in the library and for sale in the bookstore. A computer-tutoring program is also available there. Wherever you get it, don’t wait for the last minute to get help.

Class Rules

  • During any tests, you may not go out for making any phone calls. Or, if you really need to make the calls, you will be forced to turn in the test before you make the call.
  • I will answer all the homework questions you have from the previous class. You have the rights to ask or not to ask the questions during class hours. If not, you have to find the way to understand all the homework questions that I assign to you.
  • If you have more than 6 unexcused absences, your final grade will be dropped by "TWO" letter grades. Of course that if you miss the class between 3 and 5 classes, your final grade will be dropped by "ONE" letter grade.