Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
MATH 1316 Trigonometry

Course Information:

Course description:

Trigonometric functions, identities, equations involving trigonometric functions, solutions of right and oblique triangles.

Prerequisites for the course:

Math 1314 college algebra or placement into trigonometry.

Text and other supplies required:

Course objectives:

This course is designed to enable students to understand and work comfortably with:

Instructional methods and activities:

Methods and activities for instruction include:

  1. instructional presentation of new material and concepts,
  2. class discussion and problem solving analysis using critical thinking techniques,
  3. individual written assignments to enhance understanding of new concepts,
  4. discovery method techniques supported by a graphing calculator to view the effects of shifting and translation concepts on the trigonometric functions,
  5. optional 1-to-1 discussion time between students and instructor office hours.

Evaluation and grading polices:

Tests 5 major tests 80% (take top 4 score, 20% each)

Final exam (comp) 20%

Grading scale:

A: 90 100 B: 80 89 C: 70 79 D: 60 69

F: 59 and below

Class policies:

Tentative schedule:

See the class instructor


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