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Re: ${first_name} ${last_name}

Dear Sirs,

This letter is written on behalf of ${last_name}, a student at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC) pursuing a degree in${major}.${last_name} was a student in my ${class} course. ${last_name} was a good finance student and excellent in all assignments. I also worked and visited with her/him on an informal basis on several occasions and am well aware of her/his qualities. Based on my experience, ${last_name} is committed to obtain the best preparation for her/his professional future.

${last_name}’s academic record indicates that he/she performed well compared to her/his College of Business peers in her/his coursework at TAMU-CC with an overall GPA of ${gpa} . While attending school, she/he also joined as a volunteer for several programs including ${experience} where I ${experience}. In addition to that,I also___________ .

For these reasons, I recommend ${last_name} because I believe that given the opportunity, she/he has the ability and knowledge to be successful in any endeavor she/he may undertake. I appreciate the opportunity to talk to you on her/his behalf. You will be well served by selecting her/him for admission.


H. Swint Friday, Ph.D.

Professor of Finance

Department of AFBL, College of Business