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ReutersReuters - Outstanding worldwide financial and political information, updated constantly.
Business weekBusiness Week Online - Some content is available freely, while most stories are only available to subscribers.
  Wall Street Journal Interactive EditionWall Street Journal Interactive Edition - For $59 a year ($29 to print subscribers), get access to what may be the best single source of American business news.   Washington Post Business SectionWashingtonPost.Com Business - Access to the Post's rich selection of business news and resources, including breaking associated Press business stories, stock quotes (including the ability to build a personal portfolio) as well as international markets and currencies.  
  BBC World ServiceBBC World Service World Business Review - Just one part of the British Broadcasting Corporation's massive news and entertainment site, with special sections for each world region outside the UK.   San Francisco gate BusinessSan Francisco Gate Business Section - Combining stories from the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, this page gives prominent coverage to the technology industry. Perhaps its best feature: the Gate archives are freely searchable for stories back to 1995 and photos back to 1997.  
  New York Times BusinessNew York Times Business - From America's "newspaper of record," lots of current business and market news. Reading all stories on-line does require a one-time registration (no charge).   L.A. Times Business & TechLos Angeles Times Business & Technology - California, national and international business news.  
  The EconomeisterThe Economeister - Market News reports on the major economies, monetary policy, currencies, bonds, derivatives -- the very same exclusive and incisive coverage successful traders and managers count on for their edge in the fast-moving global markets. Provides financial foresight in the form of a "global calendar" covering the current day and the next, with longer-term predictions offered in the Intelligencer.   Industry WeekIndustryWeek - For a senior-level management audience, articles "on the challenges facing today's companies." Hard industries are center-stage, with emphasis on manufacturing processes, physical plant and so forth.  
  Accountancy AgeAccountancy Age - This UK-based magazine has an good selection of the latest British and international accounting stories.   The Times of LondonTimes of London - Requires a one-time registration (no charge).  

  CPA Regulation & Exam Preparation
CPA Exam Info By StateCPA Exam Application & Information - By U.S. states and territories, a listing of CPA educational requirements, application deadlines and exam fees, from Becker CPA Review, a national CPA exam review firm.
NASBA State Accounting Board ListingsState Accounting Boards - Links to all the state boards of accountancy, from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.
  CPA Exam ServicesCPA Examination Services - Download application materials from the NASBA division which handles application processing, exam administration and grade reporting for 23 states, and the IQEX qualification test for Australian and Canadian CAs.   Credential NetCredentialNet - From the NASBA, a service which obtains primary source verification of CPA credentials and maintains a permanent file of their verified portfolios, accessible to employers or licensing boards at all times.  
  Wiley CPA Exam ReviewWiley CPA Exam Review - Books, software, audiotapes.   Bisk Totaltape CPA ReviewBisk Totaltape - Books, software, audiotapes, videotapes.  
  Conviser Duffy CPA ReviewConviser Duffy CPA Review - Lecture programs, books, software, audiotape, videotape, flashcards.   Gleim CPA ReviewGleim Publications - Books, software, audiotapes.  
  Kaplan CPA ReviewKaplan CPA Review - Books, software, videotape, flashcard.
  MicroMashMicroMash - Software  

  Reference Sources
OneLook DictionariesOneLook Dictionaries - At last count, more than two million words in more than 400 dictionaries are available in one search.
Big BookBig Book - Business telephone and address listings nationwide, courtesy of GTE. Includes maps and reviews on many businesses.
  Big YellowBig Yellow - Search over 16 million U.S. business listings.   InternicWeb Name Search - Search for registered Web domain names, to see who has registered an Internet name.  
  Economic Statistics Briefing RoomEconomic Statistics Briefing Room - From the White House, a collection of the latest statistics in Production, Sales, Orders and Inventories, Output Income, Expenditures and Wealth, Employment, Unemployment, and Earnings Prices Money, Credit, and Interest Rates, Transportation and International Statistics.   Unit Conversion CalculatorUnits Conversion Calculator - From kilometers, feet, gallons and joules into miles, meters, even kilowatt-hours.