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  Stories by Vanessa Furse Jackson  

What I Cannot Say to You
Stories by Vanessa Furse Jackson

University of Missouri Press
184 pages, 6x9, ISBN 0-8262-14630

From the Publisher:
"Set in England, these are stories that explore the basic nature of friendship: how friendships are formed and deepened, how they can be betrayed and lost ..." more

From the Critics:
" Forthright, honest, well crafted." - Kirkus Reviews
"... Jackson writes, with an appealing mix of poignancy and ironic humor, of the bonds that connect friends and lovers and families."

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  The Poetry of Henry Newbolt   The Poetry of Henry Newbolt: Patriotism Is Not Enough  
ELT Press, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
224 pp., ISBN 0-944318-08-8

From the Publisher:
"Vanessa Furse Jackson gives us a fresh look at the man, his poetry and their historical context ..." more

"English author Newbolt (1862-1938), a celebrated man of letters at the turn of the century, is today most often typecast as the leading jingoist of the Edwardian age, not unlike Kipling was until recently. Jackson, a great-granddaughter of Newbolt, presents a reexamination of the man, his poetry, and their historical context." Book News, Inc.

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