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I am an academic. I enjoy reading, teaching, conducting research, consulting, writing and publishing. I believe every time I teach a student, publish a paper, make a professional presentation, or consult a company, I am making a marginal contribution to the society.

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore the competitiveness and convergence of the G7 and big emerging markets (BEM) nations using various economic, demographic, trade, investment, and freedom and governance criteria.

Design/methodology/approach – The two groups of nations, G7 and BEM, are compared on the basis of various longitudinal and cross-sectional variables. The longitudinal variables are GDP and real GDP growth, per capita GDP, international trade, foreign direct investment, index of ageing, and life expectancy at birth. Cross-sectional competitive indices are Global competitiveness index, index of economic freedom, Democracy index, Human development index, Gini index, Government effectiveness, and Corruption perception index.

Findings – The findings show that BEM is growing faster than G7 in most economic indicators including GDP, trade, and investment. The growth results in some form of convergence. The freedom and governance infrastructure of the BEM is relatively weak to support their economic growth. The primary challenge of the BEM is coming from the economic interdependence they create in a globalized economy. Overall, the growth presents a new political reality that the world must recognize.

Research limitations/implications – National competitiveness is a long-term issue. A 30-year longitudinal analysis may not be long enough to accurately reflect a nation's performance. Evidently, wealth creation in the emerging markets has profound influence in non-economic areas. Political polarization and military confrontation are not unlikely.

The principal objective of ASC is to foster education and knowledge in subjects related to competitiveness by facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among educators, policy makers, and business people; and by encouraging and assisting research activities which advance knowledge about competitiveness practices and increase the available body of teaching and practice materials. The Society seeks to serve the needs of entrepreneurial scholars and intellectual managers. Specifically, through its conferences and publications, the society intends to effectively serve the needs of academicians interested in the practical application of organizational theory and practicing managers interested in the intellectual development of the discipline. A further goal of the ASC is to develop a network of devoted individuals and working partnerships that help sustain American competitiveness in world markets. In addition, the ASC promotes world economic growth, unrestricted international trade, and healthy national economies on a worldwide basis that will simultaneously enhance the American posture in the global marketplace and contribute to the improvement of American living standards


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Dr. A.N.M. Waheeduzzaman

Professor of Marketing and International Business
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

College of Business, OCNR 319
6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5808
Corpus Christi, Texas 78412, USA

Email: waheed@tamucc.edu
Telephone: 361-825-6014
Fax: 361-825-5609

Associate Editor
Journal of Competitiveness Studies

Senior Fellow
American Society for Competitiveness

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Fall 2014
August 27-December 2, 2014

Office Location: OCNR 319

Don't blame the marketing department. The buck stops with the chief executive.
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