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    International Marketing


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Spring 2015

  • January 21 - May 5,2015
  • TR 12:30 - 1:45 PM
  • OCNR

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International Marketing is the performance of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and direct the flow of a company's goods and services to consumers and users in more than one nation for a profit.

The marketer's task is the same whether applied in Dimebox, Texas or Dar es Salaam, Tanzania."
- From the Book -

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The course aims at providing an understanding of international marketing from a global perspective. Class discussions include topics like analyzing global markets, developing global marketing strategies, designing global marketing programs, and managing global marketing efforts. Understanding the marketing process in international context is the focus of the class.

Spring 2015
MKTG 4340 International Marketing
Course Schedule
Please read the chapters before coming to class. Bring the text as reference.

Date Meeting Topic Chapter
Jan 22 R In-Class The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing Project Consultation 1
27 T In-Class The Dynamic Environment of International Trade Project Consultation 2
29 R In-Class History and Geography: Foundations of Culture 3
Feb 3 T In-Class Cultural Dynamics in Assessing Global Markets 4
5 R Online Culture, Management Style, and Business Systems 5
10 T Online The Political Environment: A Critical Concern 6
12 R Online The International Legal Environment: Playing by the Rules 7
17 T Online Developing a Global Vision through Marketing Research 8
19 R In-Class Market Potential Estimation Project Consultation
24 T Online Economic Development and the Americas 9
26 R Online Europe, Africa and the Middle East 10
Mar 3 T Online The Asia Pacific Region 11
5 R Online Global Marketing Management: Planning and Organization 12
10 T Online Product and Services for Consumers 13
12 R Online Product and Services for Business 14
16 M-19 R Spring Break
24 T Online International Marketing Channels 15
26 R Online Integrated Marketing Communications and International Advertising 16
31 T Online Personal Selling and Sales Management 17
Apr 2 R Online Pricing for International Markets 18
7 T Online Inventive Negotiations with International Customers, Partners, and Regulators 19
9 R In-Class Project Consultation
14 T In-Class Project Consultation
16 R In-Class Project Consultation
21 T In-Class Project Consultation
23 R In-Class Poster Presentation of Projects, Room will be Assigned
28 T In-Class Review for Test
30 R Online Study for Test
May 5 In-Class Final

Chapter schedule and material are both subject to change at any time. Please refer to this page to stay updated with the current course information.