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Useful International Links

Country Research and Ratings

Organization Rating/Index Description
World Economic Forum World Competitiveness Report
Global Competitiveness Rating
Micro Competitiveness Rating
Rates both country (macro) and company (micro) competitiveness of the countries of the world annually and ranks them.
A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy Globalization Index Evaluates and ranks the level of globalization of the countries of the world.
A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy FDI Confidence Index Rates the investors’ level of confidence in a country.
International Country Risk Guide International Country Risk Rating As a private organization evaluates the country risk regularly. Other organizations that offer similar services include Economist Intelligence Unit, Institutional Investors, Moody’s etc.
Freedom House Rating of political freedom and civil liberties Evaluates the level of freedom in a country based on political freedom and civil liberties. Rates countries as “free” or “partially free”.
Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom Evaluates the countries on the basis of economic freedom. Emphasizes on openness/liberalization of the country.
Fraser Institute Economic Freedom Index Very similar to Heritage Foundation’s rating. Rates the economic freedom of the countries.
United Nations Development Program Human Development Index (HDI) HDI is a composite of per capita income, education and life expectancy at birth. Annually, scores the level of human development in different countries.
United Nations Development Program Technology Achievement Index Evaluates the level of technology in the country.
CIBER, Michigan State University Market Potential Indicators Indicates the market potential indicators of the 26 emerging markets of the world.
The World Bank GINI Index Indicates the level of inequality in a country with the help of a mathematical formula of Gini.
The World Bank Institute Governance Indicators Governance indicators show the efficacy of the governments
Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (CPI)
Bribery Payer's Index (BPI)
CPI indicates the level of corruption in the country. BPI specifically refers to the level of graft practices in a country.

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