Events and Issues

  • 7 billionth baby in Iowa
  • Biggest catfish in Thailand 212 lbs
  • Breast Feeding Day Manila-Philippines
  • Complaining about your disk space?
  • Elephant rampage
  • FIFA World Cup 2006 Fans
  • FIFA World Cup 2006 Pictures
  • Mexico Bicycle Race accident
  • Nobel Peace Prize 2007
  • Olympic 2008 Beijing Opening Ceremony
  • Parents of students seeking admission in a university in China
  • Robot as camel jockey in Qatar
  • Tallest man get married
  • Tallest woman in China
  • Tribute to Steve Jobs

Festivals Worldwide

  • Annual tomato fight in Valencia Spain
  • Carnival in Brazil
  • Castle building in Barcelona Spain
  • Chinese acrobats
  • Chinese lantern show
  • Chinese year of dog celebration
  • Dubai Horse Race
  • Estonian Dance
  • Garden of dreams in flower show UK
  • Halloween in USA: Bakery with severed limbs
  • Harvest Moon celebration Singapore
  • International Skydivers in Thailand
  • Lemon Carnival Southern France
  • Mardi Gras Faces New Orleans
  • Spring in Dhaka Bangladesh
  • The Bull Run in Spain
  • Water Dance Kashmir India

Legal and Political Environment

  • Bid for UN Security Council Permanent Seat
  • Brazilian Indians protesting dam construction
  • Do you know this person?
  • Che versus Coke-Old versus New Revolution?
  • Colors of Freedom
  • Danish Products market reaction in Jordan
  • Election campaign in India
  • Jeep show and patriotic spirit in USA
  • King Bhumibol 80th Birth Day celebration Thailand
  • The Failed States Index
  • World Bank President with holes in socks in Turkey
  • World Citizens Guide

Economic Environment

  • Federal budget 2006
  • World's tallest tower
  • City in the mountains
  • train station in india
  • boat with red sails near the city


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Marketing Topics

  • Men and Women Wages
  • Definition of Marketing (American Marketing Association)
  • Growth Share Matrix by Boston Consulting Group
  • Industry data-State and County Level
  • Marketing and the Environment
  • Major Field Test
  • Day One in Marketing
  • Selling Coffee in China
  • Toyota Product Mix

International Business Topics

  • Impact of Emerging Markets for Academy Speaks 2011 Shorter Version
  • Impact of Emerging Markets in Globalized World
  • Balance of Payments (BOP) Account
  • Big Mac Index Dec 2012
  • Cultural Values of Hofstede
  • Evaluation of Entry Strategies
  • Global Governance
  • From Bottomless Basket to a Middle-Income Economy
  • Determinants of Trade in Emerging Markets
  • Do globalization and freedom favor trade in EM?

International Marketing Topics

  • Cultural Values of Hofstede
  • Estimation of market potential-a comparison of methods
  • Market Potential Estimation Excel Sheet
  • Evaluation of Entry Strategies
  • Can modernization explain the consumption of durables in emerging markets?
  • MKTG5335-Example of Project Spreadsheet

Advertising and Promotion

  • Antismoking advertisement by the European Commission
  • Coca Cola Coffin in Ghana: Want to be buried with Coke?
  • Fashion in Japan
  • German cheese campaign
  • Giant chocolate in Belgium
  • Innovative product design
  • Japanese singer on giant screen
  • Promotion for donation/charity
  • Salad fashion show
  • Marketing VW Beetle in Japan on Valentine's (2005) Day

Companies Worldwide

  • Hong Kong Disney visit by an elderly couple

Cultural Environment

  • Child marriage with bel fruit in Nepal
  • Divorce settlement in Cambodia
  • Facial piercing-individual eccentricity or a cultural issue?
  • Fashion in mainland China
  • German Willi-the famous moustache man
  • Japan illumination
  • Japanese women Kimono get free train ride in Kyoto
  • Let me have some snack please?
  • Long hair-individual eccentricity or a cultural issue?
  • Lost in translation?
  • Rickshaw as a mode of transportation in Bangladesh
  • Toilet Seat Restaurant Hangzhou China
  • Value of bluefin tuna ($736 K) in Japan
  • Punkrock can be offensive
  • Body paint fashion in China
  • Cobra with empty cans

Demographic Environment

  • Bangladesh flood: Girl carrying an oral saline bag
  • Dress for Hay Fever protection
  • Getting drinking water in Dhaka-Bangladesh
  • Harvesting chili with child labor?
  • Per capita carbon emission