Islander Identity Project

Triad K will require students to acquire 10 points from attending virtual or face-to-face events/activities/out-of-class experiences during the fall semester. Students will earn points from attending office hours, group study sessions, TAMU-CC sponsored face-to-face or virtual events, etc.

Each event/activity/out of class experience is worth 1 point and must be documented in the students Islander Identity Project Blackboard Journal.

Student Instructions:

Please click the "Islander Identity Project Journal" link to submit a summary and evidence of your event attendance. For each activity, start a new submission and submit to the same submission link.

Each summary should include the following:

  • Date of attendance or completion
  • Title and description of the event or activity
  • Summary of what you gained from your experience
  • Photo evidence that you participated

Examples of virtual opportunity ideas:

  • A tutorial on how to use Microsoft Outlook
  • A journaling workshop
  • A study session with your favorite music in the background
  • An icebreaker opportunity
  • A Rec Sports workout
  • An optional debate about a related course topic
  • A film watch party about a related course topic.
  • A guided meditation
  • An additional visit from a university partner

Use your newsletter and/or iEngage to track down opportunities!