• What do the two Wikipedia articles agree on?
  • How would you use Wikipedia in your research?

Genre Facilitation

In groups, you will be facilitating the discussion of a genre of your choice. You can get into groups now and decide on your genre, but keep in mind that we may not have time to work on this in class Tuesday.

When choosing your genre, try to find something that relates to your research or to your life as a student or future professional. For example, if you want to be a lawyer someday, you might like to examine the genre of legal briefings. Whatever you choose, try to make it meaningful to your own interests in some way.

Spend the rest of your class time brainstorming in your group and organizing what needs to be done between now and Thursday in order to have a successful and meaningful facilitation.


  • Work on facilitation research
  • Read Billy Collins poems Invention and Forgetfulness
  • Be prepared to discuss what Billy's poems mean to you and how writing is described by them