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Research in the Phyto Lab at TAMU-CC, led by Dr. Kirk Cammarata, aims to understand how pollution and environmental stressors affect ecosystem function through their direct effects on plants. Most work is currently focused on seagrasses and the algal and bacterial epiphytes which colonize them. Global seagrass declines are tied to problems with fisheries, and anthro pogenic causes are suspected. We use laboratory and field experiments to understand the linkage between environmental conditions, plant function, and molecular response mechanisms.Beyond an ecological understanding, this research additionally has application to energy from biofuels and remediation of environmental contamination (phytoremediation). Students in the lab may enroll in graduate programs in Marine Biology, Biology, Environmental Science or Coastal and Marine System Science.










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Kirk Cammarata

Associate Professor of Molecular and Plant Biology

TX A&M University- Corpus Christi

6300 Ocean Dr., Unit 5800

Dept. of Life Sciences