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  • Genomics- Based Curriculum Development
  • Long- Range Improvement of Technology
  • South Texas Liaison of Laboratories for Agricultural Research
  • South Texas Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Support for Undergraduate links


    Genomics-Based Curriculum Development and Integration for South Texas HSIs (2001-2006) (USDA-HSI; P.I)









    Long- Range Improvement of Technology - Based Science Instruction to Support Student Career Transition into the Workforce (2005-2008) (DoEd; Collaborator)









    South Texas Liasion of laboratories for Agricultural (STELLAR) 2007-2010) (USDA-HSI, Co-PI)






    USDA 's Biotechnology Website


    Project Description

    Award Number: 2007- 38422-18084

    STELLAR is a Regular Project with cooperative linkages between Del Mar College and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Texas A&M Kingsville, three Hispanic Serving Institutions, USDA agencies such as the Texas Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension are also involved.

    CREES/USDA Relevant Priority:

    Project goals aligned with two USDA and CSREES Strategic Goals are to:

    (1) train under-represented, under-served and first generation students in leading-edge agro-technologies as a means to attract more students into agriculture-related careers and to reduce attrition from science programs;

    (2) improve scientific literacy for teaching and instructional delivery systems in biological and agricultural sciences; and

    (3) assist in reducing mycotoxin contamination of food through research, education and crop testing.



    South Texas Undergraduate Curriculum Consortium for Enviromental and Biological Science Students (SUCCESS) (NSF-ATE; Co-PI)

    Project Description

    South Texas Undergraduate Curriculum Consortium for Environmental and Biological Science Students (SUCCESS) is a collaborative project between Del Mar College (DMC), Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC), two Hispanic Serving Institutions of Corpus Christi, TX and the Life Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Berkeley, CA and BioFirst Pharmaceuticals (BFP) of Corpus Christi. TX. SUCCESS will create a new biotechnology program incorporating innovative pedagogical approaches, developing and adapting educational materials, providing students the real world experience with biotechnical equipment, implementing new strategies for recruitment and retention and professional development of educators.

    Award Number : DUE-07-03118




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