Biochemistry II Laboratory

CHEM 4402

"Lab today? YES!!!"

Laboratory exercises, supplements, and assignments are now available on Dr. Larkin's Blackboard site


All exercises are adapted from the Green Fluorescent Protein Biochemistry Laboratory Manual (copyright 2005 Patrick Larkin)

GFP Lab 1 - Literature searching

GFP Lab 2 - Database searching

GFP Lab 3 - PCR Primer Design

GFP Lab 4 - Polymerase Chain Reaction

GFP Lab 5 - Electrophoresis & quantitation of DNA

GFP Lab 6 - Ligation & Bacterial Transformation

GFP Lab 7 - Plasmid DNA Isolation & Restriction Enzyme Analysis (I)

GFP Lab 8 - Restriction Enzyme analysis (II) & DNA Sequencing (I)

GFP Lab 9 - DNA sequencing (II)

GFP Lab 10 - Protein Explorer

GFP Lab 11 - GFP Induction

GFP Lab 12 - Gel Permeation Chromatography

GFP Lab 13 - SDS-Polyacrylamide Gel electrophoresis


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