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  1. Object Tracking (TRDF)
  2. Image Enhancement for Content Interpretation (NIH-EARDA Pilot)
  3. Hyperpectral Optical Property Instrumentation (HOPI) Project (NSF)
  4. Real-Time Iris Tracking
  5. Watermark Embedding and Detection
  6. Fingerprint Identification
  7. Renewable Energy
  8. Pedagogical Methods: Concept Maps and CLABS Laboratory Model (NSF)


 Undergraduate Students
 Research and Development Projects

  1. J. Leyba and G. Fernandez, Energy Generation and Storage from Ocean Currents (Capstone Project) (Fall 2009-Spring 2010)
  2. A. Perez, GUI development using matlab for automatic image analysis (Fall 2009)
  3. B. Colwell, Liftstation Control Panel (Capstone Project) (Spring 2009)
  4. D. N. Patterson, A Wave Buoy for Current Generation from Ocean Waves (Capstone Project) (Fall 2008-Spring 2009)
  5. Stacy A. Jackson, Pixel Duplication to Enhance Images of Retinopathy (Fall 2008-Spring 2009)
  6. R.Longoria, Pixel Duplication to Enhance Images of Fetal Ultrasound (Fall 2008)
  7. N. Cain , Multi-Camera Holder Design (Fall 2008)
  8. R.Velasco, Camera Project (Summer 2008)
  9. D. Rojas, Biped Motion with LEGO Mindstorm; Multicamera Object Tracking (Fall 2007-Spring 2010)
  10. E. Eiland, Formula SAE Car Electrical Systems Fabrication (Capstone Project) (Fall 2007-Spring 2009)
  11. R. Espinosa, Liftstation Simulator (Capstone Project) (Fall 2005)

 Graduate Students

  1. H. Ngo, Computer Science, "Effect of the Number of LPC Coefficients on the Quality of Synthesized Sounds," (Summer 2009)
  2. H. Bui, Computer Science, "Real-time Eye and Face Detection and Following," (Spring 2010)


  1. H. Ngo, "LPC Vocoders for Environmental Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks," M.S. in Computer Science (August 2010)
  2. S. Dasari, "Integrating the Gulf of Mexico In Situ Observational Databases," M.S. Project, Computer Science (December 2008)
  3. N. Paleti, "Hyperpectral Optical Property Instrumentation (HOPI) Project ," M.S. Project, Computer Science (May 2010)
  4. L.M. Pham, R. Muddu, H.T. Lee, J. Lee "Real Time Eye Tracking Using a Smart Camera," M.S. Project, Computer Science

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