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Tammer Kamel of Quandl Databases

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Search over 7,000,000
financial, economic, and social datasets

 Quandl Update for November 2013

Quandl Update for June 2014


New Packages:

C/C++:  Zhiwei Fu constructed a C/C++ package that utilizes Quandl’s API to download data. You can access it here.

.NET:  Quandl user Ryan Hill has created a .NET package for the Quandl API. You can access it here.


New Data:

Comprehensive Data Pages

Updated Commodities Page with spot and/or futures prices for 86 physical commodities and 12 commodity indexes from around the world.

As well as detailed commodity data pages for: Metals, Natural Gas, Grains and Cereals, & Farms and Fishery.

New country topic pages including economic, demographic, society data and more for: India, Russia, and Indonesia.


National Institute of Statistics France: 110,000 datasets on the French economy including national accounts, price indices, employment, and more.

India Ministry of Statistics: 3,000 datasets on all aspects of Indian society, such as economic indicators, finance, transportation, agriculture, labor, and more.

India Department of Commerce: Monthly import and export data from India going back 20 years.

Freddie Mac: 400 housing price indices from different sized geographical areas all over the United States.

Policy Uncertainty Project: Economic Policy Uncertainty Indices for the U.S., Canada, India, China and the EU.

European Central Bank: 17,000 datasets on various economic indicators primarily related to countries within the European Union.


 New Search

We have taken a step towards a better search experience on Quandl with our new output format and Advanced Search feature.  You can now narrow your search results by source and frequency; you can also use advanced search operators like AND, OR, NOT, “*” and “code:”.  It is now hopefully easier to find the data you need.

Better Stock Price Data

New feature is updated in  WIKI source on Quandl.  It is interesting for many reasons, which I cover in a short article on our blog.  But the important point is this:  Though still small, we are on our way to be the best, most accurate, most complete and yet totally open source of historical stock prices on the internet.

For a full list of sources see: http://www.quandl.com/help/sources.  For more news and features see: http://www.quandl.com/help/about/new-on-quandl

New Libraries and Integrations

The Quandl community continues to create useful tools around our data platform:

  • Jim Moores has written a comprehensive and extremely well-documented Quandl library for Java, complete with its own website at quandl4j.org.
  • Kelly Fellingham from the SAS institute has done likewise for SAS, with the new SASEQUAN interface to Quandl, documented on the SAS website.
  • Kash Nouroozi has written a Quandl Ruby gem to allow direct access to Quandl data from Ruby and Rails apps, available here.
  • TradingView’s very rich graphing tools are now available in one click. Press the “TradingView” export button on any data page to try the tool; read more here.

Economic Data Reference

We’ve added several new economic databases recently, and they are now all documented on a single page: API for Economic Data. I think we now have the best “one-stop-shop” for multi-sourced global economic data anywhere on the internet.

New Data: (2015)

We’ve added a fantastic new resource for global energy data: the JODI oil world database. This database includes consumption, production, import, export and inventory data for different energy products across 100+ countries.  This database is completely open and free.

DataYes, a leading Chinese data vendor that is used by hundreds of financial institutions in China and worldwide, has listed their Core China Fundamentals database on Quandl.  The database covers almost 3000 Chinese companies with over 150 fundamental indicators that are guaranteed to be accurated, perfectly maintained, and always up-to-date.  Quandl users have free trial access to the data right now.

Other Notes:


– Check out our new free guides to commodity data and China data on Quandl.  We think we have the best coverage on the internet for both those subjects.


Core US Fundamentals remains Quandl’s top-selling database.  This database has been expanded recently; it now has as-reported and most-recent data for over 3000 companies, but still costs just $50.  Top 10 >>


– Zacks continues to create low, startup-friendly pricing for developers who need multiple databases from their Quandl suite.