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Investments FINA.3331

FINA.3331.R01 Syllabus Fall 2019

Book- Investment: Analysis and ManagementP

Course Materials Fall 2019

eNest Egg Simulation Assignment

Title: Enest Egg Wealth Management Simulation, 2nd edition, ENEST EGG PRESS (ISBN: 978-1-946007-01-8)

How to Purchase eNest Egg Access
You may choose to purchase the access through PayPal. Follow the instructions to pay for the access:

Link: http://friday.enestegg.org/index.php/user/login

UN: [enter your islander email]

PW: Fall2019

Then you will be prompted to the payment screen to make the purchase.

For more information, please visit: https://www.enestegg.org/